Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Self-Created "Problem"

Should we "shy away" from nuclear power as a means toward "clean energy?" Not according to those who study this phenomena. According to the experts, we are exposed to more radiation using "coal-fired" power production than from nuclear power production. Environmentalists have made much about "Three-Mile Island" and "Chernobyl," but the truth is, there has been NO "nuclear accident" in THIS COUNTRY that has injured or killed a single soul. and that includes "Three-Mile Island." You may say, "He markets synthetic oil so why should I believe him?" Actually, I don't care where you get your synthetic oil. Just use it. Most of that on the market today is "partial synthetic," but any synthetic usage will help, not only you, but our dependence on foreign oil, too. AmsOil has thirty years head start on research and development, but there are many other brands out there you can use. I'd like for you to use AmsOil, but whatever brand you use, just USE it. You'll save money while you're helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil, most of which is coming from our enemies. (Ray Thomas 101,)

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