Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Beating It to Death

I know the mass shooting in Connecticut is a major tragedy, having ended so many lives, particularly of those small children who can’t have done ANYTHING to have hurt the shooter. But, as with the Columbine shooting and all the others, the news media “beats it to death” until we are TIRED of hearing about every belch uttered by ANYBODY that has ANY connection to the shootings. Three days after the Connecticut shooting (as this is written), I STILL can’t avoid more and more stories about really tiny things connected with it on every station I turn to. It’s disgusting. It’s as if there isn’t any other news in the world. Some of those shooters do it for the notoriety involved, and the fact that the media "beats it to death" makes them very happy. It's now Christmas day and there have been several more mass shootings since, including the one in New York, where a guy set a house on fire to draw firemen, then opened fire on them, killing two, before he killed himself and most likely his own sister, as well. I don't know who he is, and I don't care. On that somber note, I want to wish everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS! None of that "Happy Holidays" crap here. Any celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ ought to carry His name, whether you believe or not. This will be the only post today, as I celebrate Christmas with my family. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ending With A Big Lie

Obama has ended his presidential re-election campaign with one of the biggest LIES I’ve ever heard him tell. We all know he has spent more money than there IS and gotten nothing for it. That our unemployment numbers are as high as they’ve EVER been; that MILLIONS are out of work and are losing their cars, houses, and other things that are important to them: that the real estate market is DOWN; people are SUFFERING from the effect of his ignorant policies and he DID NOT "save" the auto industry. GM is still on the brink of bankruptcy He says he created 5 MILLION jobs. WHERE? WHEN? That might sound good when he says it, but it's not enough to even KEEP UP with the birth rate.That in the midst of a big oil crisis, he has made policies GUARANTEEING we will be dependent on people who HATE us for our oil, for years to come. Then he runs an ad saying, “We’ve tried our way and it has worked!” WORKED? When and WHERE? I haven’t seen a single idea he’s tried that worked (If anybody can show me one I’ll be grateful). “We tried their way and it DIDN’T work.” WHEN and WHERE did they EVER “try their way? He shut Republicans OUT  of every important decision. He says, “We won two wars in the Middle East.” WHEN? WHERE? We RAN from both Iran and Afghanistan! Then he said, “We brought our troops home.” Right; we did it by “running for the hills” while the terrorists were blowing up our consulate and MURDERING our diplomats. Obama LIES bigger and bigger every day. I thought he was a FOOL when he claimed to be able to “lower the sea level,” but nobody ever took that seriously. I’ll tell you what, folks’ if you give him another four years to screw us even more, you’re FOOLS and deserve the biggest FOOL to ever occupy the White House and what that will bring you.. (Just common sense)

Friday, November 02, 2012

Synthetics Reduce Friction

Synthetic oil is the FIRST improvement in lubrication for the automobile since cleaning additives. It simply reduces the FRICTION that is the ENEMY of movement. That friction is the CAUSE of ALL wear in your engine and inhibits its performance. All synthetic oil will reduce friction, but there is only ONE “full synthetic” on the market today, that reduces it better. Some CLAIM to be “full synthetics,” but notice nobody will offer you an oil that will perform for you for 25,000 miles, but AmsOil. All they can offer is up to 15,000 miles. That’s the key. The rest of them are simply PARA synthetics. That means they only have SOME synthetics in their FOSSIL oil. AmsOil has THIRTY YEARS headstart on every synthetic now on the market (except the one that copied them within two years of the introduction of AmsOil to the automotive market.

The reason AmsOil works better than all the others is it IS a “full synthetic” and reduces friction to a higher degree than the others because it IS a “full synthetic.” AmsOil’s synthetic oil is “the FUTURE of lubrication.” It might take a few years for everybody to realize it, but one day NOBODY will use “fossil oil” in their engine, or anything else. You need to “get on the bandwagon.” Just CHANGING to AmsOil saves you about $200 (a year) the year you change (4 or 5 quarts and two filters vs. 40 quarts and 8 filters in 25,000 miles), plus all the other savings you get with synthetic oil including improved mileage (important with toady’s high gasoline prices), longer engine life, and easier starts (NO “dry starts,” ever because synthetic oil “clings” to engine parts). AmsOil use allows “dead of winter starts) like in summer and NO “vapor locks” in summer). (Just common sense)

Misplaced Priorities

Many Americans claim they have “other priorities” than keeping track of what their politicians are doing to them. Many keep track of EVERY MOVE of their favorite football or basketball player. They know how many times that player has the ball in his hands and what he does with it each time and they can recite the figures to you ad nauseum from memory,. But they don’t have time to know what their politicians are doing to them. Thus, those politicians are screwing them royally every day and these Americans don’t even know it. So they vote those politicians back into office, time and time again and wonder why their money is worth less every day. They wonder why their “tax bite” is getting bigger and bigger every year as politicians tax them more and more to pay for their “giveaway programs.” They wonder why they can't seem to do ANYTHING these days without going to a bureaucrat, "hat in hand," and ask permission to do things they have always had the RIGHT to do without question.

My own SON is more interested in how many bucks he can make than in what Obama does to him with his socialistic policies (which is okay, but he should do both). We have the opportunity tomorrow to do what the Russian people DIDN’T do when Vladmir Lenin was solidifying his power. We can vote Barack Obama OUT and GET RID of him. Will we? Only time will tell. But if we vote to keep our own “Vladmir Lenin” in office tomorrow, how many years will we have to suffer under a socialist government that sucks all that is good out of us as the Russian people have suffered under 75 years of a socialist (Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics) government that remains until this day SUPPOSEDLY under a “no longer communist government” with the SAME PEOPLE running things now as then who SAY “they’re no longer communists.”

We need to WAKE UP and get these socialists (Democrats) out of office and take our country BACK from those who would ENSLAVE us. THINK, people! Do you WANT a socialist government that sucks the good out of every man and woman who becomes  dependent on government for their very daily bread and thus MUST “follow orders” as to how to live their lives? Do you WANT to have to live life as some nameless, faceless bureaucrat tells you to live it? Or do you want to be free to make your own decisions and have the INCENTIVE to do your best? Socialism DESTROYS incentive because who wants to work for anything if the GOVERNMENT will take it away from them to pay for somebody else's needs? The only problem is, it only "takes care of them" at a SUBSISTENCE level. All while those who are still able and WILLING to WORK under these conditions pay the bills (as long as they continue to work under a system that robs them). Soon they will figure out that they are BEING suckered and robbed and will join the ranks of those wanting the GOVERNMENT to "take care of them" and there will BE no money for the GOVERNMENT to use to pay the bills for everybody. (Just common sense)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Standard to Which All Others Are Judged

That’s what Bobby Unser (3-time Indy 500 Winner driving for another oil company) says, anyway: "AMSOIL is the Best Lubricant made, the Standard to which all others are judged," Some people like to say other oils are at least as good, but they’re not. AmsOil has at least 30 years head start on all but one oil company in terms of research and development (That company was three years behind AmsOil in entering the synthetic oil market), and THAT company's oils, regardless of the claims in their cleverly-worded advertising, are not better than AmsOil, even if they DO sell more because of their massive advertising budget and clever copywriters. They SAY “Nobody Outperforms Our Oils,” and that might be true, but that’s awfully hard to prove without using both oils in a controlled test which has not, as far as I know, yet been performed. And won't be. They’re cleverly NOT saying “our oil is the best.” Just that “nobody is better.” Which, again, cannon be proved without a detailed scientific study. Don’t go by the info in my “lubedealers.com” web site. That site is abandoned and can’t be changed. Go to raythomas101.com and use the address and phone number shown elsewhere in that site. (Just common sense)