Saturday, December 01, 2007

...And in the Hot Country, Too

Below is an item about AmsOil's racing team dominating in the "cold country." Synthetic lubricants work superlatively down in Florida, too. Maybe it's some "left-over" advantage AmsOil gets from MP (Metal Protector), a top selling AmsOil product (It does the same as other light oils, but does it better and it is also an excellent metal protector). The picture above shows one of the Team AmsOil boats winning a race. But they weren't finished winning. "The POPRA races were held on were combined to determine the final finish positions. During Wednesday's race, Team AmsOil dominated on the 6.8-mile, rough water course, winning in the P-1 class and the overall. (There were three classes racing on the course at the same time.) The next POPRA race was held on Saturday on a smaller, 4.8-mile course that featured tighter turns. Team AmsOil once again dominated the P-1 class and the overall. The two first place finishes established Team AmsOil as the POPRA World Champion in the P-1 class."

"Sno-X" Knows Synthetic Oil

They know all about synthetic oil up in the "cold country," the area for which synthetic lubricants were invented. Temps in the "North country" reach levels that fossil oils can't withstand, just as they do in outer space or in the upper atmosphere where jets operate. You can make a synthetic that will withstand ANY temperature. It just takes money. That used by jets and rockets in outer space can cost as much as $25,000 an ounce! It doesn't take that much for automotive uses, even in "cold country." But this article in "Snow-X" should end any discussion over whether or not they work. "Less than five days before the start of the 16th Annual AMSOIL Duluth National Snocross, the pre-season press got things right when it comes to expecting a banner year from Team AMSOIL. The November 2007 issue of Sno-X Magazine arrived in mail boxes just five days before the start of 2007-2008 World PowerSports Association’s season opener in Duluth, Minn. Gracing the cover was Team AMSOIL/Scheuring Speed Sports veteran rider Dennis 'D.J.' Eckstrom. Eckstrom, a two-time winner of the AMSOIL Duluth National, was highlighted by the caption: 'D.J. Eckstrom: Ready to take the points in 2008.' Team owner Steve Scheuring is also featured inside the magazine with a Q&A section, as well as his monthly 'The Original Independent' article. Sno-X Magazine"

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Self-Created "Problem"

Should we "shy away" from nuclear power as a means toward "clean energy?" Not according to those who study this phenomena. According to the experts, we are exposed to more radiation using "coal-fired" power production than from nuclear power production. Environmentalists have made much about "Three-Mile Island" and "Chernobyl," but the truth is, there has been NO "nuclear accident" in THIS COUNTRY that has injured or killed a single soul. and that includes "Three-Mile Island." You may say, "He markets synthetic oil so why should I believe him?" Actually, I don't care where you get your synthetic oil. Just use it. Most of that on the market today is "partial synthetic," but any synthetic usage will help, not only you, but our dependence on foreign oil, too. AmsOil has thirty years head start on research and development, but there are many other brands out there you can use. I'd like for you to use AmsOil, but whatever brand you use, just USE it. You'll save money while you're helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil, most of which is coming from our enemies. (Ray Thomas 101,)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Times, They Are A-changin"

In 1974, AmsOil was only two years old, and destined to shake up the oil industry like never before. It was hard to market synthetic oils. "Fossil oil" manufacturers laughed at them and their contention that synthetic oil was a "breakthrough" that would eventually obsolete fossil oils. These manufacturers spread lies about synthetic oils, while feverishly trying to copy AmsOil's success in the marketplace. AmsOil used "person-to-person" marketing similar to that used by the most successful marketing company in the nation, Amway. They ignored the "person-to-person" aspect of Al's marketing scheme and tried to sell it by mass marketing through their usual outlets, gas stations and parts houses, simply putting it on the shelves and not explaining why $5 a quart, against $1 a quart or less for fossil oil was less expensive in the long run. They couldn't figure out, and thus couldn't explain why a customer should look at the MILEAGE cost, not the cost per quart. Four or five quarts over 25,000 miles versus 40 quarts required to replace the oil every 3,000 miles, plus eight oil filters would cost the customer significantly MORE over 25,000 miles while making the engine last longer. Then there is all that lost time while waiting for someone to change your oil or the time it takes to do it yourself every 3,000 miles. Is your time worth money? All this oil changing costs the customer more than $250 over 25,000 miles, PLUS the time it takes to change oil over and over eight times. Source: Ray Thomas 101

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Personal Maintenance Timeout

In May, 2005, they took my heart out and played with it on a table for a while. Then they put it back in and "gave me a jumpstart." I had four arteries significantly blocked, one 100%. Since then, I've had abdominal surgery and arterial surgery in my legs. Not unexpectedly I lost track of this blog and just today found it again. I will soon be posting more information about the reasons why you should be using synthetic lubricants for automotive use, and for many other uses, too. These are "breakthrough products" and if just 20% of Americans used them in place of "fossil oils," we could significantly reduce our dependence on foreign oil sources, some of which hate our guts and like to do what it takes to make sure we "pay through the nose" for our oil.