Friday, November 02, 2012

Synthetics Reduce Friction

Synthetic oil is the FIRST improvement in lubrication for the automobile since cleaning additives. It simply reduces the FRICTION that is the ENEMY of movement. That friction is the CAUSE of ALL wear in your engine and inhibits its performance. All synthetic oil will reduce friction, but there is only ONE “full synthetic” on the market today, that reduces it better. Some CLAIM to be “full synthetics,” but notice nobody will offer you an oil that will perform for you for 25,000 miles, but AmsOil. All they can offer is up to 15,000 miles. That’s the key. The rest of them are simply PARA synthetics. That means they only have SOME synthetics in their FOSSIL oil. AmsOil has THIRTY YEARS headstart on every synthetic now on the market (except the one that copied them within two years of the introduction of AmsOil to the automotive market.

The reason AmsOil works better than all the others is it IS a “full synthetic” and reduces friction to a higher degree than the others because it IS a “full synthetic.” AmsOil’s synthetic oil is “the FUTURE of lubrication.” It might take a few years for everybody to realize it, but one day NOBODY will use “fossil oil” in their engine, or anything else. You need to “get on the bandwagon.” Just CHANGING to AmsOil saves you about $200 (a year) the year you change (4 or 5 quarts and two filters vs. 40 quarts and 8 filters in 25,000 miles), plus all the other savings you get with synthetic oil including improved mileage (important with toady’s high gasoline prices), longer engine life, and easier starts (NO “dry starts,” ever because synthetic oil “clings” to engine parts). AmsOil use allows “dead of winter starts) like in summer and NO “vapor locks” in summer). (Just common sense)

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