Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Synthetic Oil Myths

There are many myths being told yet about synthetic oil, mostly by makers of fossil oil, and repeated by mechanics and others who do not know what they're talking about. They just accept what they're told at face value and pass it along, with nothing behind it except the lies being told about synthetic oil to keep people from changing over, which would seriously reduce their business if it happened. Every time I talk to someone about changing to synthetic oil I hear again one of these "old saws," none of which are true. Now I hear about one oil company, one which copied the "leader" in synthetic the originator of synthetic lubricants for automotive use), CLAIMING to be selling "pure synthetic oils. They have three levels: one that claims 5,000 miles, the next claming 7,500 miles, and the third claiming 15,000 mile drain periods. What they really are is "para-synthetics ("synthetic blends") and don't dare claim the 25,000 miles you get from the leader. This article contains just a few of the more popular myths (lies) about synthetic oil. (Ray Thomas 101)

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