Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's Stopping You?

Synthetic oil is the FIRST improvement over fossil oil, EVER. It costs you less PER MILE than does fossil oil if you can bring yourself to ignore the “3,000 Mile Oil Change Myth” fossil oil makers promote and not change your oil for 25,000 miles. It won’t hurt your car, and AmsOil has an insurance policy to buy you a new engine if our oil ever does (They’ve never had to pay a claim). Unlike fossil oil, it clings to the parts so there’s NEVER a “dry start” at ANY time of the year (dry starts are the biggest factor in engine wear). Your car starts like in summer in the dead of winter because synthetic oil doesn’t “gum up” at below zero temps like fossil oil. That’s easier on your battery and IT lasts longer.

Neither does it “vapor lock” in hot summer because it has a much wider temperature range in which it can operate (minus 60 to plus 430 degrees). With its “super slipperiness, there is less RESISTANCE to movement with it, meaning your engine does more work with less effort. This makes your car’s engine last about 50% longer and with less gasoline use. So what’s stopping you from using it? AmsOil is the FIRST viable synthetic oil for automotive use. It was invented by a jet pilot who saw no reason it couldn’t work. It did. We proved we COULD market a synthetic oil, so now EVERYBODY has an oil they CALL a “synthetic” in their line. But we have 30 years headstart on ALL of them in terms of research and development

We had the FIRST synthetic transmission fluid. Nobody, not even the one that claims to be “the oil that changed oil” can claim more than 7,500 miles, which tells me it’s only a semi-synthetic. AmsOil IS “the oil that changed oil.” There’s no reason why you SHOULDN’T use this oil. So why are you waiting? It is only about a $50 investment to change over and that lasts you 25,000 miles. I’ve been driving a 14-year-old car that has never let me down because of a lubrication problem until another driver killed it by making an illegal left turn in front of me. That car has never had a quart of fossil oil in it since I’ve owned it, and that is since it was five years old. (Just common sense)

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