Monday, September 26, 2005

The Oil That Really "Changed Oil"

Copyright 2005 By Ray Thomas

I get really disgusted when I see the ads a certain oil company is running claiming to make "the oil that changed oil." Their motto really ought to be "the oil that copied the real thing."


I won't name this company because anybody who has been paying attention knows this company was the "first on the bandwagon" to copy them when AmsOil created the oil that really changed oil in the early seventies.


Al Amatuzio, a former jet pilot, noted that jet airplanes and rocket ships used in outer space could not operate on "fossil oil" (oil whose origin was the dinosaur's remains rotting in the ground). The temperature range required was way too wide to use it. Lubricants had to be invented that could operate at a much wider temperature range than was possible with dinosaur fossil oil.

Enter synthetic oil. Synthetic oils and other lubricants could be manufactured to custom needs, where fossil oils could not. All it took was money. Some of the lubricants used in outer space cost $25,000 an ounce. But it was necessary to spend this money to get anything that would work.


Al wondered why nobody had come up with a lubricant using this technology for automobiles. Truth is, the Nazis during WWII tried, but we won the war before they could perfect it. Had we not, we'd all be speaking German now. So Al set out to make an oil that had the proper additives to allow its use in automobiles, and succeeded. He introduced AmsOil to the world in 1972 and the world took notice.


Most oil companies satisfied themselves by telling the most outrageous and false stories about synthetic oils, hoping to dissuade people from using them. One of the first lies was that synthetic oil would void your warranty. Actually, AmsOil is a S.A.E. approved lubricant that outdoes everything asked of it to obtain such a rating. Another was that AmsOil would destroy your engine because of those "unheard of" drain intervals.


One oil company did something different. They simply copied AmsOil by coming up with a para-synthetic they called a synthetic. But they made a mistake; they formulated theirs so as to be incompatible with fossil oils. Which means to use it, you had to drain and remove every vestige of your fossil oil out of the car before you could put it in your engine. This slowed the acceptance of their imitation synthetic oil for years, until they got wise and reformulated it.


Ever since AmsOil's first year, this company has been pretending AmsOil didn't exist, claiming that all the advances in synthetic oil technology were theirs. They weren't.

They recently introduced three oils to the market, all claiming to be synthetic; all claiming extended drain intervals. The 5,000 mile oil is simply a fossil oil with some synthetic added to stretch its life to 5,000 miles.

The next was a 7,500 mile oil, which was still mostly fossil oil, but with more synthetic stocks added to stretch it to 7,500 miles.

Then they came out with a 15,000 mile oil; still using a fossil oil base, but with more synthetic stocks, to stretch its life to 15,000 miles. They called this oil "synthetic." But it's not. It's a "para-synthetic (partial synthetic).

They still haven't been able to approach the performance of AmsOil's real synthetic, which has given customers 25,000 miles per oil change since its inception. This company still can't approach AmsOil in performance or quality, yet they claim they are "making oil that changed oil." Preposterous!


They can't even match AmsOil's prices. They charge as much per quart for their 15,000 mile oil as AmsOil does for their full sunthetic, which not only gives you 25,000 miles, but NO "dry starts," ever. (synthetics "cling" to the parts when you shut off the engine, while fossil oils simply drop into the oil pan leaving your parts with no lubrication for a split second every thime you start your car) a national average of 10% fuel savings (less friction), smoother and cooler running (less friction), meaning less engine wear, thus, fewer visits to the mechanic.


One of the things I like the most about AmsOil is that it will give you "summer-like starts" in the dead of winter. The Nazis wanted to overcome the problems of tanks freezing up on the Russian front, while guns, trucks, and other equipment did also. Synthetic oils were originally engineered for cold-weather use. But it was discovered that they did a lot more than allow operation down to 60 below zero and above 400 degrees.


They are a superior friction reducer, which means metal parts rubbing together don't cause as much friction and heat. With fossil oils, just starting your car causes more wear than does driving it all day, thus shortening your engine's life. Your engine runs cooler, smoother, and lasts longer, while you have 35 fewer quarts of used oil to dispose of in 25,000 miles, thus helping the environment.


One of the biggest problems in the world now is our dependence on foreign oil, meaning our gasoline (and later oil) prices are going to continue to rise, rise, rise, as long as we are dependent on the oil we showed the Arabs how to pull out of the ground. One way to eliminate that dependence is to get 20% or more drivers around the world using synthetic oil. This will scare the bejeezuz out of OPEC, and they will stop limiting production to make prices go higher. If you want to know more, write me at P.O. Box 16247, Denver, CO 80216 or call me at 720-351-3674. Or you can check out my web site at


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