Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Good Thing to Have Around

Synthetic oil products are a lot more handy to have around than you'd expect. One time I flooded out under a railroad bridge. I climbed out, opened my hood, and sprayed "MP" (AmsOil Metal Protector) into the distributor cap and watched the water crawl away. Then I got back in and drove away. Another time I left a wrench on the ground in the back yard while working on my AmsOil race car. It stayed out there all winter and I didn't find it until spring. It was unrusted and in good condition because I had sprayed it with "MP" before I started using it. I keep one spray can of MP in the car and one at home. Any time anything starts moving roughly, I spray it with MP and have no more trouble. When I first bought my present car, the driver's door lock was "sticky." It was hard to open or close. I gave it a spritz of MP and never had another minute's trouble. Same with the lock on the front door of our new house. MP is less that $5, and I've used it a lot. (AmsOil Dealer)

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