Sunday, April 06, 2008

Your Car Can Last Longer

The biggest problem you have in driving your car around is friction. See the article about that on this blog. Synthetic oil significantly reduces friction in addition to giving you better gas mileage, fewer oil changes, NO "dry starts" ever (because synthetic oil "clings" to engine parts rather than falling down into the oil pan as fossil oils do. It starts as easily on the coldest winter days as in summer because it does not "gum up" at below zero temperatures as "fossil oils" do. It's liquid down to 60 below and up to 410 degrees hot. So no "vapor locks," either. Rocket ships and jet planes can't operate without synthetic oil because of the wide range of temperatures they must withstand. Fossil oils can't do that. If you could do ONE thing to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on car maintenance while making it last longer and make fewer trips to the mechanic; it would be to convert to synthetic oil. But not just any oil. Other oils would be better than fossil oils, but AmsOil is the ORIGINAL synthetic lubricant for automotive use. Now that AmsOil proved it could be done, EVERYBODY has an oil out they call "synthetic." But so far, none are "pure" synthetic. The best they have done is a "para-synthetic" good for about 15,000 miles. Pure synthetic can be identified by the 25,000 miles between oil changes promise. AmsOil has more than 30 years "head start on the others in research and development.

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