Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Well, we’ve reached another Fourth of July. But how much longer will we be “allowed” to celebrate this important date in our history with such as Obama in power? He has already stated his opinion that “we didn’t need a revolution” to get free of England. What kind of STUPID PILLS has he been taking? Anyway, let’s celebrate it as long as we can. I’m taking the day off. You’ve probably noticed that I’m now posting 7 days a week and in FOUR blogs instead of three. That’s because I’m no longer able to do the job I was paid to do and had to quit. Now ALL my work is FREE. You can find my books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I may even write another one. I know I don't post too often here, but SIX blogs is a lot. This blog is about the incredible improvement synthetic oil is over conventional oils, and there's only so much I can write that is not repetitive on that subject. Suffice it to say, it is the first MAJOR improvement over conventional oils and if you're not using it, it's YOUR loss. The reason it's so much better is that it's a superior "friction reducer" in your engine and FRICTION is the reason for ALL wear. That makes your engine run better, cooler, and longer and results in saving a LOT of money for you.

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