Monday, April 07, 2014

Ams/Oil Ad Campaign

There’s an AmsOil campaign running now and they’re all over the Internet. But it’s probably not doing them a lot of good because it says NOTHING about the benefits you can derive from using Ams/Oil, which is the ONLY improvement in automotive lubrication since the invention of detergent oil back in the fifties. They were the INVENTORS of the FIRST viable synthetic oil back for automotive use in the seventies and were immediately copied by a major fossil oil dealer who came out with a SEMI-synthetic that was not even compatible with fossil oils in the first few years. They DID finally “wise up” and reformulate it, and it is now compatible with fossil oils so they don’t have to “steam clean” their engines in order to use it. It’s a decent oil and, due to their massive ad budget they sell more than Ams/Oil does with their Amway-style marketing plan.

But it’s still a SEMI-synthetic and the MOST mileage they can get out of it is 15,000 miles without an oil change, while Ams/Oil IS a FULL synthetic capable of giving you 25,000 miles without an oil change. Now AmsOil proved it could be done, every fossil oil company now has a “PARA-synthetic in its line. All (including the first copier) claim to be FULL synthetic. But you can tell which ones (if any ) ARE by the number of miles they can claim without an oil change. That saves you a lot of money and time. Add to that NO “cold start” in winter and NO “dry starts at any time because AmsOil CLINGS to the parts. It does not fall back into the crankcase as fossil oils do. "Dry starts” cause most of the wear in any engine. Your engine runs cooler and the very “extra slipperiness” of the oil makes it last about 50% longer. NO “vapor locks” due to hot weather in the summer. All in all, you save a LOT of money using any synthetic oil, but Ams/Oil has more than 30 years “head start” in terms of research and development than any of them. Ams/Oil was born because a jet pilot saw the oil that was used in his jets and figured he could come up with a synthetic for autos. So he went to work and did it.

Yes, it IS higher priced on a PER QUART basis. But as long as it lasts, the only important figure is PER MILE, per quart. You actually SAVE money by using oil that has a higher investment PER QUART. Since it’s the first improvement in automotive lubricant technology since detergent oil and you use significantly FEWER quarts in a year.. And it IS proven by use in many racing applications, including former ASA champion Dave Watson, Ams/Oil's former team driver, and Bobby Unser, who used it “on the sly” while being sponsored by another oil company. Then there’s “the Old man,” Mark Martin, who used it to win at least TWO national championships and many races that I know of. He’s getting “up there” now, but is still a threat to win any time he enters a race. Currently, AmsOil is in regular use in motorcycle and boat racing, and has helped many drivers win many championships and lots of races. The point is, if you want superior performance in your car and want it to last longer, while costing you less, move up to Ams/Oil. Other brands are okay, but Ams/Oil is the best, because they did it FIRST. And they sell MILLIONS of dollars’ worth every year. (Ray Thomas))

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