Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The First Improvemement

Synthetic lubricants are the FIRST improvement in automotive lubricants since the invention of detergent oils in the fifties. Many people are afraid to use them because of the false claims that were made about them when they first came out. And some people are STILL repeating these lies while Ams/Oil is helping many race drivers, motorcycle racers, and boat racers to win numerous championships, including NATIONAL championships. Yes, there is a little higher investment per quart for Ams/Oil, but more important is the COST PER MILE for a user of Ams/Oil. No other synthetic (para-synthetics, whatever they claim) can give you 25,000 miles in a year without an oil change. Ams/Oil “clings” to the parts, completely ELIMINATING “dry starts,” the thing that causes MOST of the wear in your engine.

Synthetics have been in use in the space program everywhere, since they can be TAILORED to withstand ANY degree of heat or cold. Only the cost changes. In the space program, some of their synthetics cost $25,000 an OUNCE. You can make it to withstand ANYTHING. But Al Amatuzio created an oil that was economically feasible in automotive use and proved to the world it could be done. Now EVERY oil company now has a “para-synthetic” (PARTIAL synthetic) in their line. Many CALL theirs FULL synthetics, but most are not. The way to tell is how many miles they recommend between oil changes. Ams/Oil says 25,000 miles. Most others can only claim a maximum of 15,000 miles between oil changes. If you want to take advantage of this singular achievement in lubrication technology, start using Ams/Oil. (Just common sense)

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