Saturday, April 26, 2014

They're Moving In again

AmsOil has had its own way on the Internet lately. It seemed like any web site you went to, there’s been an AmsOil ad somewhere on it, even if those ads didn’t tell you much about the reasons why AmsOil is better than anything on the market. Like NEVER a “dry start,” which is what causes most of the engine wear, starts your car in the depths of winter like in summer because it’s super-slippery, better friction control, which makes your engine run cooler and easier, with less wear, and is the secret to the 25,000 mile promise, which NOBODY else can achieve, much as they’d like to. Now another company is “moving into their territory,” (again) buying up valuable web site real estate with their ads. The same company that copied them early on and copies them still, with their motto, “the oil that changed oil.” But they were NOT the oil that changed oil, AmsOil was, and they were (and are) “Johnny come lately” with an imitation product they know is not as good, but they still claim top billing, only because of their bigger advertising budget. But the important factor is that they STILL can’t provide a product as GOOD as AmsOil, and they know it. The evidence is the most mileage between oil changes they can claim is 15,000 miles. AmsOil’s motto ought to be, “the oil that really DID change oil.” But they’re too polite. I’m not. I tell it like it is. (Just common sense)

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